Commercial Air Conditioning

LD Air Conditioning Brisbane is an Australian Business that provides a vide variety of Commercial air conditioning services. We are air conditioning specialists who provide high level of mechanical expertise to all our commercial buildings. We service and repair Package units, Chilled water systems, condenser water units, cooling tower, exhaust fans, carpark exhaust fans, ducted systems, splits systems, heater banks, computer rooms, server room systems and chillers. 

LD Air Conditioning provides building maintenance programs. We offer Routine, Minor and Major distinct levels of maintenance. 

Each individual maintenance is designed to integrate with the other to provide a comprehensive maintenance program. This approach ensures that over time, adequate attention is given to each individual component of the system. This enables the potential life cycle of the system to be attained.

The advantage of this system is the potential of identifying possible faults is heightened; this allows for rectification works to be conducted under normal maintenance conditions and minimizes the potential for faults to occur in high demand times. The motivation is centered on prevention and proactive rectification works rather than reactive repair works.

These maintenance programs are designed to provide the client with sufficient information to proactively plan for works.

The positive by product of this system is that the systems operate in the most

  • Energy efficient manner possible 

  • Saving energy amounts to minimize operational cost
  • Save dollars on your utility bill and keep your system operating at peak efficiency

If you have a building, call LD Air  Conditioning Brisbane. Because we care for your Building.