Air conditioning Services Brisbane

Our 13-point Comprehensive Service will keep your home cool all summer long!




What’s included in our 13-point service:

  • check and wash return air filters
  • check refrigerant pressure and levels
  • check supply air temperature
  • check return air temperature
  • inspect for mould ( extra cost will apply if mould is found in units)
  • inspect indoor and outdoor coil
  • check condensate drain lines and clear it required
  • check drain pans and clean if required
  • inspect blower wheels
  • check operation of reversing valve (for heating)
  • check thermostat operation
  • check for any bearing noise
  • report any issues or further work

Split Systems
Service price: $150.00
Special service price: $120.00 incl GST ( $66 each for any extra units ) 

Ducted Systems
Service price: $190.00
Special Service price: $175.00 incl GST

Air conditioner cleaning can reduce your energy usage up to 22% by having your air conditioning system cleaned every 12 months. Air conditioner cleaning removes the dirt and mould from your air conditioner. The removal of dirt and mould will enable the air conditioner to function more efficiently. This will save $$$ on your utility bill and keep your system operating at peak efficiency.