Commercial Air Conditioner Sales, Repairs, Service

Commercial air conditioning system breakdown can be frustrating. Some employees cannot work in this situation. This causes decrease in productivity of the company.

We at LD Air Conditioning specialise in commercial air conditioning, service, installations, repairs. Whether it is a ducted system, condenser water system or chilled water system, we will cater for all your air conditioning needs. We will make your one call a priority.

IMG_4244Air-conditioning system is like an asset to you and your employees. Keeping your asset (air conditioning) in top notch will minimise breakdown and boost productivity of your employees. We provide free on site maintenance proposal which will be tailored for all your air conditioning needs.

The advantage of having a Preventative Maintenances schedule in place is

  • the potential of identifying possible faults
  • minimise faults to occur in high demand times
  • systems will provide and keep providing comfort conditions for your employees

The positive by product of this system is that the systems operate in the most

  • energy efficient manner possible
  • saving energy amounts to minimising operational costs

For obligation free maintenance proposal or urgent breakdowns, please contact LD Air Conditioning on 0429311321 or email